Simon Hines’ History

According to the 1880 and 1900 census Simon Hines was born March 1849 in an area around Swainsboro. Georgia. However, his tomb stone indicates that he was born in 1845 and died in 1901. Which means he was born during slavery and was more and likely a slave.

It appears that Simon may have been married twice. The records indicate that Simon married Luiza (Louise) also of Georgia in 1875. Luiza (Louise) was born January 1861 in Georgia. Louise had 14 children, Milton, Charlotte, Mahaley (Doon), Mabeial, Shelley, Dollie, Rosa Mae (Tay), Buni, Isaiah, Juluis, Charles, Uley, Frank and Sallie. They settled in Wakulla County, Florida where Simon worked as a farmer.

While researching we found that there were two other children Simon and Preston listed as Louise’s children. Simon also had two other sons Abraham and Oscar; we have not been able to locate their information. We will continue our research on Simon.

Little is known about his life other than stories which were passed down through family members. Some stories tell of a tragic death which was not unusual for the black males during this time.

Simon was the father of 16 or 18 children, hundreds of grandchildren; great-grandchildren; great, great-grandchildren; great, great, great-grandchildren and possible more generations.


History of the Hines Family Reunion

The Hines Family Reunion grew out of a long time dream of Charles Hines of Fort Pierce. He began his Dream by organizing the Hines family in Ft. Pierce. This included the off springs of Frank his father, Sallie, Frank’s twin sister and their sister Mahaley.

The Ft. Pierce gatherings were held in February around the birthday of Frank, Simon’s last living offspring. After the death of Frank, Charles and his sister Rosetta went in search of their Roots.

Charles wanted to organize a family reunion of all Simon’s offspring’s children, a Cousin Reunion. Their trips took them to Crawfordville and Sopchoppy where they visited graves and talked to a number of older family members, trying to put together Simon Hines Family history. In addition to those trips, Rosetta traveled to Gainesville to visit with cousin, Frank an offspring of Abraham, (Frank is also uncle to the Hines and Porter children of Ft. Pierce, because he married one of the Porter sisters who was the sister of his Uncle Frank’s wife Sallie). Frank is one of the oldest living cousins and had a great deal of history to add.

After all these meeting and a great deal of research Charles along with Randolph, offspring of Dollie, Al offspring of Mobelia and Tim offspring of Oscar organized the first Hines Family Reunion in Sopchoppy. It was agreed that the family would meet every two years and the family has met every two years over the last 36 years.

We have met in Sopchoppy four times, Tallahassee four times, Gainesville four times, Orlando two times, Tampa one time and four times in Fort Pierce.

Simon would be very proud of his offspring.